Monday, December 8, 2008

Blog Candy time!! :) / Hanglar Christmas

Okay, this didn't take me long to do... few hours is better than two days! :) But I LOVE these Hanglar beauties, but oh dear... it takes me quite some time to make myself colour them in! :)Thanks Lim for these lovely images! This darling is from the Winter kit, I have read, and they are soo lovely to shade and embellish. I am trying to send my Christmas cards this week, but I write my message on Traditional cards... these "cuties stuff" don't show the REAL Christmas spirit, so I send them additionally as a gift. Coloured the image with watercolours. Short post this morning, cause I have lots to catch up with!!

Papers: Papermania Simply Elegant
Stamp: HAnglar & StAnglar
Sentiment: Dovecraft Clear Stamp
Pearl Brad: Papermania
Brads: Dovecraft
Dewdrops: Roses on Paper (from the Men's Bottle)

Othe things I used: Punched flower,Prima flower, Piece of gold elastic Stampin'up Circle of Friendship stamp, sack cloth
I hope that you'll have a lovely week, and that you spread this cheer and love to all your friends.. and maybe think of making happy someone in need!


Okay, second post today.. but prefered to edit it here :)
As I promised, my counter hit 5000 and more, so I think it might be Candy time !
I thought about how, and when a lot.. and I decided to have two prices.

Price 1.

Consists of:
Large Selection of AquaMarine Kate Knight 8X8 papers
Coordinating buttons
Same colours contemporary Christmas Flowers
Packet of Craftime Button Fun candles
Papermania Elements
Some vintage butterfly pictures
Some lace length
Other ribbon lenghts
Packet of Pearl hearts beads
Third Dimension Quilled Stickers
Bunch of paper flowers
A small "new shoes" foam stamp
2 cute teddies for kids/ baby cards

I decided to host this prize for the 22 followers of my Blog. I already have the names ready. On Friday I will tell you who won this candy.

2nd prize is this:

... for all who wants to enter.. followers included! You deserve a second chance :)
You will get
Black and White DCWV Mat Stack
Coordinating buttons
Coordinating 3D Stickers from Ursus
Some vintage butterfly pictures
Some lace length
Other ribbon lenghts
2 cute teddies for kids/ baby cards
1 Packet of Dovecraft Designer brads
2 pkts Card Accessories
adhesive pompoms small
Some tiny pegs with different shapes

and some stamped images in a folder card done by me for both prizes

Good?? :)

What you have to do to enter?

1. Make a link in your blog, telling of this candy.
2. Leave a comment in this post, telling me one (or more) good deeds that you, or your family may have done,or would like to do, especially during Christmas time.

You may have even been a kid.. doesn't matter. Shared your stuff, gave something to someone out of love.. anything! We all have good in us, and we need each other to make more courage to do some more good in our small world. As for me..

I remember that even though as a kid we weren't a "rich" family (as dad died when I was seven). I used to be very attentive not to make mum buy me a lot of stuff.. we needed money for more important things ( I used to think.)But nonetheless I really used to be sensitive for those kids around me who didn't have sweets,and especially at Christmas time I used to collect all the sweets and small presents I used to get, and give them to my classmates that were poor, or were a bit neglected. I never forgot the lovely feeling sharing gives me.

I will draw the prize on Friday 19th Dec. 21.00 European time. Will ship worldwide.

Whew such a long post today!! :)

Thanks for looking


Tasha said...

This is such a beautiful card
tasha xx

Lim said...

I love the card and the Candy!! Both are yummy!! :))
Love the coloring and the flowers on your cards.. :)) The best thing to do in Christmas is having fun with your family, quality time... :)

Now let me go to my blog to post this Candy...


Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Gorgeous card and love the beautifully coloured image, Congratulations on your hits, Hugs, Nikki x

nicky said...

Thank you for the yummy candy! You make wonderful cards i love them all! I love christmas markets to visiting with my family here in germany! hugs, nicky

marsha said...

Beautiful card! I love these Hanglar Stanglars. My family participates in "Operation Christmas Child" and we support various charities during Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win candy! I am going to my blog now to link.

Peta said...

Hey Rosette, such a cute card. I don't have any of the these stamps - might have to go searching for some to add to my collection!!!! That's a lot of hits on your blog - great, Peta x

Iris said...

Your card is just stunning! The colors, papers, your coloring....great!!
And your blog candy is awesome, real yummy!!!!! As you know I already posted it on my blog yesterday! :-)


Susan said...

Beautiful card Rosette! Awesome coloring as always. Congrats on reaching 5000 hits. Awesome card candy your offering. I'm off to post a link on my blog and to tell everyone all about your blog candy!

anita said...

wow great candy,
will put link in blog, both of them
The best christmas as a child was when i was 6 or 7 We had 2 girls arrive xmas eve( my parents were emergency foster parents)
I got a doll, th epram and other things, i gave my doll to the girl my age, she was so happy, so was my parents, I mat forget her name now but not that fact christwas is fir giving

Bagpuss685 said...

Hello Rosette, all your cards are gorgeous, I love your stamped images, I am trying to practice with my stamps. Will post some on my blog over Xmas if I have time.

Christmas time is our time to remember our lost ones and to spend time with one another as we all have a busy life with school, college and work and outside interests as well. Some we make this ourtime and ourtime to remember friends and family that we dont get a chance to see.

Well done on your 5000 hits.

Bagpuss685 said...

Well done Rosette on reaching your 5000 viewing.

Christmas time for us is about remembering friends and family no longer with us. And having quality time as a family as we are normally so busy doing other things at other times during the year, with work, college and school

Hope you have a enjoying Christmas

tracy said...

i love the look of your blog and the cards, thankyou for offering the candy

Susan said...

Your cards are just beautiful! Love that Hanglar and what beautiful colors! Love her!

I love Christmas and to have family together. Since my daughter goes to her grandparents and Dad's for Christmas dinner, I volunteer to work Christmas day at the bowling alley so those with families can spend their time together. It makes me feel good to be able to help them be together.

Thanks for the opportunity to win some blog candy!

Denise said...

What a great card. Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy. My family donates gifts to Catholic Charities. Have a great holiday season.

Desiree said...

The card is so beautful! I know you like Hanglar stamps, I am happy that you got some of them :) And didnt needed to move to Norway or Sweden to get them *LOL*

I would like to get a chance to win the blog candy and post about it in my blog. In the christmas we goes to the graveyards to light candles and remembering those who is not with us anymore.

Have a nice day!

Hugs from Desiree in Norway

Ila said...

Your card is Gorgeous!!....Your candy is Fabulous..TFS!!
We give to the food bank and Salvation army. Christmas supper has very often has a few extras...welcome strays that are often brought over by my grown up children...Happy Holidays!..Hugs, Ila

Louise said...

Hi Rosette,
your card is lovely and the image really cute!
Thank you for the chance to win your gorgeous Blog Candy and congratulations on your 5000 hits!
Every Christmas, I always buy an extra present and donate it to a scheme that sends the presents to local underpriveleged children. I also donate to Child Line (a charity close to my heart).
Have a great Christmas,
Louise x

-Agnes- said...

Good deeds, hmm... throwing the nighbours' kids' ball back over the hedge over and over again, instead of ignoring or hiding it? Preparing 6 boxing day envelopes with money in it? Not sure any of this really counts ... but my supporting a Nepalese child (and through him his community) might make a difference.

Karen L said...

Thank you for offering up this super blog candy!
For 5 years, when my children were living at home we adopted a family in need in another state. We bought clothing, toiletries, and food items which we shipped to them every month, along with a long letter. My children enjoyed buying birthday and Christmas gifts for the young children in the family and I felt such a glow each time the mother of the family wrote back to me.

Rina said...

this card is too gorgeous!

Lena Katrine said...

What a great candy! I've a permalink to your candy, on the right top of my blog!

I love to give away small homemade gifts and cards to people i care for - also before christmas starts!

Krista said...

Lovely cards, Thanks for the chance to win some candy. I have placed a link on my sidebar for your candy. Krista P.

Dawn said...

Hi Rosette
Aww what wonderful candy with such great sentiment behind it all -

Our local Asda (Supermarket)has a tree and they hang labels on the tree eg boy aged 5 or girl aged 2 - these are children whose families maybe can't afford a lot of presents for them at Xmas, I always pick two labels one for a boy and one for a girl - You then have to buy a nice appropriate little present for the age - then return it all wrapped with the label attached - the store then distributes them to the families. This year I chose a boy aged 8 and a girl aged 5 - It's a great thing to do for local children and I love it...


TeresaW said...

Hello Rosette, great idea for candy, here is my good deed(s).... I helped a neighbour bring in a mattress from the garage so that it can air before their Christmas guests arrive. I made Christmas cards and sent them to my Mum so that she could send hand made cards to her friends and brag that her daughter made them (and I didn't charge her a cent, tee hee). I watered my neighbours garden when they were away, and I feed the birds in the cold.

I have put a message on my blog and also placed a link in my side bar at the very top so people can see it. Good luck for the next 5000 hits.

Kim said...

Rosette~ What wonderful candy you are being so generous and giving away!

Good deeds...well my mom had surgery a few weeks ago and still have weight restrictions so my sister and I surprised her one day while she was gone and put up her christmas tree for her! My parents were so surprised when they got home my mom was almost crying! I also always do the "toy for tot" program where we buy a toy and donate it to the less fortunate children in our area. And this year I am going to donate my time to help my mom with her Little Church program at our church.

Thanks for the chance to win. You can see my link to your candy here!
Hugs~ Kim

MoooooN said...

Hello! What's a candy! I've made a post about it in my blog: Thanks for a chance to win!I think, that to make Christmas gifts for the people you love is a very good deed. It always brings joy and happiness!


Robin Brown aka Mrs Pup in NY said...

I Love your card. You do a spectacular job coloring them in, It's worth the time it takes. The best thing Ihavedone at Cristmas time nad even try to do thru the year is help thosein need. I have been rasied poor so I know how itfeels to be in need and I know I can always go without a little bit less so others can have more. I try to make my kis realilze this too. I do not want to raise a greedy bunch.Happy Holidays to you and your family.

bolha said...

Stunning card! Congratulations on your hits. Thanks for the chance to win this fab candy.
x Natasha x

Анютик said...

Hi!!!I think, that to make Christmas gifts for the people you love is a very good deed. my blog

Mistress.payne said...

Thankyou for the chance to win such wonderful candy.

My husband lost his mother to cancer 3 years ago and since then every year before christmas I take all the cards I have got left over to cancer research to sell in my local shop.

KRISTIN said...

great card!
Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy too!
Before we had our three children we would volunteer during the holidays at our local homeless shelter, but this year we dropped off sleeping bags as part of a city-wide sleeping bag drive for the homeless....
Posted a link to your blog on mine....

Jezz79 said...

Hi,really nice candy!! One nice thing we all can do,especially in christmastime,is to take all old things you don´t want any more,and give it away to charity. Then you have room for the new christmasgifts too!!!
/Jessica from Sweden

Liza said...

Great card and lovely candy. I always make an effort to donate more to charity around christmas time.

Liza x

Blanca94 said...

Hi! Thanks for tnis candy!!
I've linked you on my bog.