Monday, September 1, 2008

Pink and Black - CB Forum Competition

I wished to take part in this challenge, and with the busy week I had I almost forgot that today was the closing date!! :O
Anyway, I wished to experiment with this image that I received from Maxine this week in a frienship swap, and designed a card based on these two colours. I will be giving it to one of the kids for her bBirthday, which was earlier this week!! I know I know.. better late than ever! I promised her that she will get it!! :)

I named this card "Fashionista", because she is one!! She loves to dress up... she's a GIRL, what you expect!! ;) I also used a tag that was with some new clothes.. what do you think of this idea?? You like it?


Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Rosette.. you word verification free girl, you!! ;o)

I would love to comment on your card, but I need more effective face furniture to see it! lol ;o) It's a bit wee for me. Can you post a bigger pic, please? (But from what I can see, it looks delightful, and from what I know of your cards, it is certain to be gorgeous!)

Chris xx

ANGELO said...

I love your card. That hippo make me smile!! :)

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Have a nice day!

Kristin :)

Sequin Bead said...

gorgeous card!

btw, love the piece of music "i believe! i believe! in you!!!" my kind of music x

Christine (Craftling) said...

Now, see, that''s MUCH better! And - as I predicted - the card is gorgeous! Very pink. ;o)

Chris xx