Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I would like to be...

DAWN ... In order to bring one more day of happiness
SILENCE ... In order to silence the voices that turmoil pepole's hearts
MOONLIGHT ... In order to enlighten the nights of misunderstood couples
LIGHT ... For all those who live their lives in darkness
LIFE ... So that all those who are dying may have the hope to be reborn again
A TEAR ... So insensitive hearts can also cry
A SMILE ... In order to sweeten bitter lips
LOVE ... In order to unite people.. and let them know that I am just one of them

In fact... I would just like to be a small bird, so I could fly into your home through an open window.. surprise you with a hug... and wish you a beautiful day my dear friend !

Wished to send each one of you some positive vibes today :) and if you want some more to think about positively... hear Dare to Live, a song in my playlist here on the blog. The lyrics are BEEEAAUTIFUL.. lovely Laura Pausini and Andrea Bocelli, my twofavourite Italian singers, together!



ANGELO said...

I love your pictures and your words. It made me peaceful at mind :) Such a nice way to start my day! Thank you!
Kristin :)

Rosette said...

Thanks Angelo, if that was it.. mission accomplished! :)

Cathrine said...

Hey Rosette :) Have you recieved my post with the magnolia's??:) Btw: The reason to no updates on my blog is because we're moving at the moment..:) So no time for scrapping at this point... :/ Gosh, I'm tired of moving now!!! But to night we'll be inside the house or something:p Cant wait to scrap again!!! Love from Cathrine <3