Friday, May 14, 2010

New Stamp Available in a few hours time

Yes! You read right!!

First of all Happy Friday!! Yes... TGIF again!! :)

I do hope you all have a blessed and lovely weekend.

BUT I know we Belles 'nd Whisles DT already have an excited weekend ahead of us!! The wonderful Elisabeth.. Bell of course, who else!! :) has offered us the opportunity to work with a NEW, DARLING, LOVELY, HEART MELTING digi image that will be released today Friday 14th at 6pm Arizona Time (for those in Europe and around it will be Sat, tomorrow 3am)

I had soo much fun colouring her, and Elisabeth adopted her straightaway! :) lol
You want to see it now??

No, sorry but I can't!

Ah, now you're giving me the the long face and tantrum treatment huh?! Can't!! Okay.. let me ask Elisabeth if I can show it to you?... *off to hop form one continent to another* ...


...*back!!* Phew... THAT was a run! I asked her.. but she shook her head. And you know how gorgeous is that Elisabeth with those beautiful eyes!!

I had to ask her again, and I told her that "it's FOR OUR BEST BELLES 'ND WHISTLES fans!! .. They are great, they are cool, they are awesome.. and they LOVE YOU!!"

And you know what.. she smiled her beautiful smile and told me I can show you a sneak peek! YAY!! Is it true Elisabeth? You ARE great!!

But what is more important is that Elisabeth and my other BnW DT sisters will show you our full cards on our blogs.. and most important, you will be able to get the digi stamp from HERE: Digital Collection Gallery.
HERE is the sneak peek!

NOW.. if those eyes don't win you over... I don't know what does!!!

Now I need to go and rest.. you got me tired runnin off to Elisabeth to show you this.. but I KNOW IT WILL BE WORTHED!!!

Let me know if you are looking forward to it!!
Even her name is so cute.. but all this info will be available HERE... THE SAME TIME... TOMORROW!! I'LL BE HERE WITH THE FULL REVEAL!

Happy Weekend to ALL of you who came here to visit me today and bless me with your friendship :)

Thanks for looking

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