Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Want some fun in the middle of the week??

Okay then!!

If you have been lately on the Belles 'nd Whistles blog, you know that we have a fun competition going on!!
If you don't know about it, let me tell you!

A new Belles 'nd Whistles release is coming out this week, and you will be able to see the new 10 images... yes that's right.. a whole bunch of 10 NEW images by none other than our lovely Elisabeth Bell for you to play with; next Friday. The sneak peeks have already started by our naughty Summer on the blog.. she's soo teasing you all this week!! You Been naughty Summer!!!

On Friday 19th March... mark the date... we're having a lovely Blog hop where you can see these beauiful babes, I'm sure you'll fall in love, just like us!

But back to the competitioon. Summer is giving away 2 WHOLE SETS of the new stamps to 2 peeps who show us where your BnW stamps live. For more deatils visit the Blog HERE.

You're only a photo away from the chance at winning them ;) who knows.. it could be you!

It is for this reason that I've been so quiet this weekend.. no card to show you, because I can only reveal them next Friday.. so make sure you'll pop over!!! You will NOT be disappointed. But before you do, hide your credit card!!! LOL

Take care, and I hope I'll be back with a card in a day or two!! :)
Oh by the way.. I ave tiny sneak peek for you, to get your taste buds... eh sorry yout mojo buds working!!

Thanks for looking

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Sheila said...

You're teasing us. I will definitely will be back. I'm always lurking Rosette!