Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sorry for not posting any card yet this week!! I'm terribly sorry, but I'm looking for my mojo.. it seems that it has gone astray! :( EEk.. can't make myself do any card; I started colouring images twice, but don't seem to be able to make any card!! :( This is making me feel terrible, and not myself at all!! Please bear with me, and wish me luck to find my mojo back! I miss him!! :(

Thanks for looking


Judy said...

Hi Rosette. I'm sure your mojo is just taking a little break and will be back really soon and better than ever! We'll still be here when you're feeling creative again. Take care.

Janna said...

Good luck with the mojo!! I hate when that happens it is just the worst! But I am sure it will be back soon! Sometimes it is good to take a break!


marsha said...

Sorry, I did not see it anywhere! Hope you find it soon, mine goes astray every now and then.


Susan said...

Hmmmmmm.... I have been having the same problem besides being very busy. I bet when you find your mojo that you will find mine sitting right next to yours! They must have gone on vacation together.....LOL! If you see my mojo send him back home to me please!

Angelo said...

Your mojo will come when you least expect him to!! Sometimes we just need a break. Maybe you should sit and colour images, or look through some crafting magazines, or visit some blogs, and suddenly your mojo's back!!

I'll put your name in the hat while your waiting for your mojo. Maybe you will be the lucky winner of some new images :)

Hugs, Kristin :)

Susan said...

You'll find that mojo! Mine took a walk but decided to come back home. Hang in there, my friend. It doesn't go very far!

Big mojo hugs to you,


Tasha said...

Rosette it is horrid when your mojo goes and it leaves you feeling rubbish, but dont fret he will come running back to you in no time at all!
love tasha xx

Jacque said...

Hugs, Rosette!!!!! Just take a wee break, Sweetie!!!!!!

Lim said...

Dear Rosette,

That's happen to all of us... LOL.. He will came back, don;t worry and believe me ...he will be back stronger!You are so talented and your cards are always gorgeous!!!

Hugs and Love,

LIM :))

Angelo said...

You won my blog candy. Now I hope your mojo will come back soon.

Hugs, Kristin :)