Friday, February 13, 2009

Ice is falling!! :)

During Christmas time we sing a lot of Carols, and most of the children like to sing : "Snow is falling.. all around us..."
But unfortunately we don't get any snow here. But when the temperature gets very low and brrrr... cold.. we get lots of ice!!! Look at these pictures I took at my internal yard and on our roof.

All this ice came down this morning.. and in about 4 minutes, we had quite a view!! :) I just ran for my camera... I just wanted to capture the moment. My roses were covered in ice!

We got lovely news today. My friend and fellow ROP DT member
Anki, started her own line of stamps just today! The line's name is : Anki's sweethearts. Go and check them out here. They are exclusive designs for one of the companies she designs for: Susana's Custom Art and Card Design.

This week is a lovely week of announcements!! :) Did you hear the BIG news??!!The one and only, lovely, talented Elisabeth Bell will be working with four new companies this year, making exclusive designs for all of the companies. Each company will have exclusive designs for her.One of those lucky companies is... yes.. ROSES ON PAPER!!! YAY!!

We're over the moon with this news, and can't wait to have these new rubber to play with and promote. That will happen in a few months' time.. but I do wish it was just now! Do I sound excited??! :))
So start saving your money girls... ! You won't able to resist these!! :)

Last but not least... did you notice the new facelift I gave my blog? :) Do you like it this way?? I thank you for any comment you choose to leave. Sorry for not posting any card this week, as I visited my family often, having my brother here from UK for the week. Today he'll be going back! I hope he has a safe journey home. Happy Weekend to you, and happy Valentine's Day. I hope you take the time to shower some love on your loved ones today! ;)

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Gayle said...

Hi Rosette
I can't believe my beloved Malta is covered in ice. I had to shout my husband and show him, he didn't believe me!
Stay warm...
Gayle x

Susan said...

Wow! That ice is amazing! I had to show the pictures to my son. He has really been interested in reading about Malta. Hope your staying warm!