Sunday, August 17, 2008

The image of His Beauty

I ADORE flowers ... real flowers most of all. They are all lovely, special, unique in their own way, they definitely speak of God's Beauty, Love and Creative Expression. Although I don't like cards with flowers that much; this stamp reminds me in a way of real flowers. It's detail is beautiful! For quite some time it remained the only stamp I had, and I never really knew how to get the best of the image. I was at first attempts at stamping (am still quite new compared to most of you!) and didn't use it at all. Then I read a tutorial on a stamping magazine and I liked the idea of stamping the same background on vellum and colouring it in to enhance the image. I'm not 100% happy with the card, but then it's not that bad! I think I will leave it for mum's Birthday.. she loves cards with flowers ! :)

1 comment:

CraftyC said...

A gorgeous card and very lifelike!